Conveniently located just eight miles northwest of Boston , Winchester has developed from its 17th century Colonial village beginnings into a thriving residential community,one noted for its fine public school system, beautiful homes and easy access to Boston.

Settled in the early 1600's by citizens from Charlestown, the village was first known as Waterfield and later became part of Woburn, the neighboring city to the North.

Originally an agricultural community with upland farms on the western side of town near Lexington, the tiny village of 200 settlers evolved into a bustling mill town with advent of the Middlesex canal and the Boston and Lowell Railroad (now the Boston and Maine commuter rail). Grist mills, tanneries and small factories along the banks of the Aberjona River created a lively industrial village.

The village declared its independence from Woburn in 1850, and the town fathers honored a local gentleman Colonel William P. Winchester by giving the new town his name.

During the late 1800's Winchester as an affluent suburban community, as wealthy businessmen from Boston moved out to "the Country" and built substantial homes. The town's character is still largely reflected in the beautiful houses built just before and after the turn of the century.

Today, the village atmosphere remains, fueled by the unusual civic spirit of Winchester's residents. The citizens of the town take a deep interest in the management of the town's affairs and it's continued improvement and beautification. Local organizations produce various annual events, many of which have become traditions and part of the Winchester experience.

"Thank you very much for the organization and execution of the wonderful work on our townhouse. We are very pleased and happy with everything, including the hardwood floors, the granite counter tops, the granite and tile floors, the paint job, the heating system and water, the cool ceilings (nice touch), the faucets placed at an angle (nice), the large sink in the kitchen, the cabinets, the central vac, and the lighting.

Best wishes to you, Ernie, all the workers who put effort into making this a great place, and all your families."
-- Current Unit Owner