The principles at By Design have over 20 years of experience providing services to physicians and hospitals in the Medical Industry.

Medical Buildings

Partner in the development of Medical Buildings; approvals, leasing, design and construction.

Site Search

For purchase or rental, we locate and assist in securing Real Estate locations. We canvas the area starting with the Town Hall records.

Negotiate & Secure

By Design will negotiate for the acquisition of a property or negotiate a lease with the favorable terms that anticipate the project at hand. This minimizes legal fees and reduces the timetable to get the project started.

Medical Design

Provide the skills and experience in designing physician suites. We assemble the necessary professionals with medical experience to get the job done.


Again, By Design has a track record of obtaining the necessary local and state approvals for several specific projects. We streamline the process.


By Design has obtained financing for several successful medical related projects. The key is to minimize the initial cash investment.

Renovation & Construction

Extensive experience in construction of Satellite Medical Offices, Group Practices, and Medical Buildings. Also, renovation of existing Medical Suites.


Presently, we manage a dozen Medical Buildings. Medical requires a different quality of management that we have experience in delivering.